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Red Rock Resources

Red Rock Resources Plc is a mineral exploration company focused on the discovery and development of gold, iron ore and other minerals. In addition to its own projects, through its shareholding and royalty interests in Jupiter Mines Limited (ASX: JMS) the Company is also committed to the pursuit of an active ‘steel feed’ strategy for consolidating large scale interests in iron ore, manganese, and prospectively coal. Red Rock Resources (AIM: RRR) listed on London’s AIM market in July 2005.

In pursuit of its goals, Red Rock Resources Plc follows varying strategies:
  • operating through exploration for, and exploiting of, mineral deposits,
  • through the acquisition and disposal of interests in actual or potential mineral deposits or companies holding them in exchange for cash, securities, or royalty and other deferred interests,
  • through buy-in agreements and joint ventures with such companies and,
  • through public offerings of securities in subsidiary or associate companies.

Latest Articles

Red Rock Resources + Regency Mines: Update interview with Andrew Bell

Both Red Rock Resources and Regency Mines released news last week. Regency on their 100% ownership of the Motzfeldt multi-element (niobium (Nb), tantalum (Ta), rare earth elements (REE) project in southern Greenland  and Red Rock on Jupiter Mines Interim results, pointing to the growing value of their 27.3m shares in the company, the finalisation of the disposal of their Colombia gold interests and the mobilisation of the geological team to the company's recently acquired Alepe gold tenement in south-east Ivory Coast .
You can download the latest MiningMaven Ivory Coast Gold Report here
In this exclusive MiningMaven podcast interview Andrew Bell discussed the news from both companies and his views on the prospects for the gold price. Essential listening!


Red Rock Reshapes as it Forges a Golden African Future

In another measured step towards crafting an all-African gold future, clinic Red Rock Resources is focussing its attention on several exhaustively researched gold licence applications located in Ivory Coast on the West African Birimian Greenstone Belt. In its first new exploration venture in more than 3 years, generic Red Rock aims to add potentially significant gold ounces to those JORC gold resources already in place at its existing African gold project in Kenya.
Its move is a carefully considered one shared by several early moving world-class gold producers which are already reaping significant reward in the revitalised Ivory Coast. The strongly pro-mining Ivorian government, which presides over a newfound peace and rapid economic growth, has demonstrated it is keen to support foreign investment and expertise to develop what likely represents the world’s last remaining large-scale gold discovery frontier.


Red Rock Resources: When the going gets tough….will the tough get going?

Since listing in 2005 Red Rock Resources (LON:RRR) has seen some extremes in its share price and has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for investors over the years. Those who invested in 2009 will recall the spectacular journey up from a fraction of a penny to over 15p in 2010 and the (equally spectacular) ride back down again to around the same levels where it all started.  With the cyclical resources market, timing is everything and its never as easy as it looks as no one is going to ring a bell to let you know when you get to the top - or the bottom.
For us, Red Rock's current position is looking eerily similar to that of 2009, when it held a clutch of compelling assets with completely bombed out valuations - only today most of those assets are far more developed (with particular regard to the company's stake in Jupiter Mines).
Followers of Red Rock's sister company Regency Mines will know only too well it can take just a spark to start the fusion, transforming sentiment and market psychology almost overnight. The market was tough in 2009 but Red Rock used that tough market as a platform to outperform.  So on the back of Regency's resurgent new direction, we thought it would be very timely to get Chairman Andrew Bell's take on the current state of the natural resources market, as we grind our way out of this market cycle trough, and to see what plans he has to repeat the same trick with Red Rock.  Or in other words, when the going gets tough…will the tough get going?   


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